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Building a climate-resilient future with bamboo.

At World Bamboo Workshop, we strive to create a friendly and professional registration process that aligns with the cultural and unique experience we offer.


Our workshop brings together participants from diverse backgrounds to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of bamboo. As such, we have designed a registration process
that ensures a seamless and enjoyable journey for all participants.

Join Us at #WBW2023 in Guatemala!

Register Now and Experience #WBW2023 Guatemala


#WBW2023 Guatemala Prices 

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What does the payment include?

  • Participation ticket for the 4-day event.

  • Lunches.

  • The final dinner and artistic event.

Transportation to and from the event venue.

  • Luxury buses departing from Guatemala City to the town of Mariscos, where you'll take a boat to reach Punta Brava. Cost: $55 (Round trip)

Book your ticket now!


Online Registration: You can easily complete your registration directly here in our website.

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If you prefer to make a direct bank transfer, you can do so using the following bank details:



Account name: Arquitectura y Servicio

Account number:  3256016810

BANRURAL S.A. BIC / Swift code details



Registration Link for Bank Transfer Payments

Credit card or Wise payment 

NOTE: Thank you for your interest and trust in our services. Sometimes, payments may be declined for various reasons, including the need for additional authorization from your bank or financial institution. To ensure that your transaction is processed efficiently and without any issues, we recommend that you contact your card-issuing bank for more information or to authorize the transaction.

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Visas for entering Guatemala.

If you are required a visa to enter Guatemala, we can include you in the list of special visas granted for the event.


Conditions :

  • 1. Total payment of the Workshop already made by September 23rd. (No reimbursements, only in case of force majeure)

  • 2. Photocopy of your passport.

  • 3. Photocopy of valid plane tickets, round trip. (Coming and going in the dates roior and after the event).

  • 4. Copy of credit cards and/or bank statements to show you have financial stability.

  • 5. Sworn declaration that you won't use this opportunity to stay in Guatemala or use to try and enter the USA without a valid visa.


Please be aware: No refunds will be offered unless the entire WBW event is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e. climate disaster, military conflict, etc.


Email :

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