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Michel Abadie

WBO President | France



World Bamboo Organization-WBO president
Associate director of World Bamboo and Rattan (Chinese Forestry Academy)


Active in the field of bamboo since 1988, he is a former president of the European Bamboo Society (1990) and co-founder of the International Bamboo Association (IBA) (1991). He served as the curator of the Paris-Brussels exhibit 'Bamboo Civilization: Another Culture' (1994-1995) and authored the film 'The Sound of Bamboo' (Bali-Paris 1995). He also initiated the bamboo airplane 'Flyboo Project' and served as an ambassador for the bamboo campaign 'Let Forest Breathe, Use Bamboo: The Material of the Future' (1995-1999). In 2015, he launched the Damyang call for 'Bamboo for the Planet' and curated the 'Bamboo for Paris' event in 2018.


In addition to his expertise in bamboo, he is a specialist in information technologies and the author of 'Minitel Story.' Previously, he served as an associate director for sustainable development at the Lagardère Médias group in France. #WBW2023

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Susanne Lucas

WBO Excutive Director | USA

Susanne Lucas.jpg


The Executive Director of the World Bamboo Organization is a highly experienced professional in horticulture and landscape design with over three decades of experience in the field of bamboo. She is passionate about this versatile and sustainable resource and has been actively involved in promoting its use in various fields such as an environmental remedy for degraded land, economic opportunity for communities in need, building material, biofuel, fiber, and climate change mitigator.

Her contributions to the bamboo industry are significant, including her past presidency and directorship of the American Bamboo Society and her work on the board of the International Plant Propagators Society Eastern Region. She has also published several articles and a book, Bamboos, which highlight the beauty and versatility of ornamental bamboo.

As the Executive Director of the World Bamboo Organization, she continues to advocate for the development of the bamboo industry worldwide, collaborating with individuals, organizations, and governments to promote the benefits of bamboo and its potential as a sustainable resource. Her dedication and expertise have made her a respected and influential figure in the world of bamboo, inspiring others to join the effort to build a more sustainable future.  #WBW2023



Li-Fang Tang

Storytelling | Taiwan



Li Fang is an accomplished individual with diverse skills and experience, including medical and nursing expertise, storytelling, project planning, and event organizing. She is a co-founder of the Erlun Storyhouse and founding president of the Taiwan Bamboo Society. Li Fang has received numerous awards for her contributions to culture and education, including the Taiwan Culture Educational Contributions Achievement Award and two nominations for the Presidential Cultural Award in Taiwan. She has also given talks and workshops on storytelling and community building in several countries, and has been a guest speaker at conferences and festivals. Li Fang's current projects include The Porrima, Zhongping Road Storyhouse, Story Traveling Box, circulating exhibitions, World Bamboo Day Special Event, and Story Without Border project. She is passionate about the power of storytelling to bring people together and create positive change, and continues to inspire and educate individuals from different cultures and backgrounds through her work as a storyteller, project planner, and community builder.  #WBW2023

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Martin Mortera

Architect | Mexico

Untitled design (8).png


Architect, designer, and social activist with a multicultural education from Mexico, Colombia, and Cuba. For the past 12 years, he has been dedicated to constructing sustainable architecture using bamboo, adobe, and other eco-friendly materials. He also provides consultation services to private companies, NGOs, and government agencies on the use of sustainable materials. He has shared his expertise as a speaker for Mexico in numerous countries, including the United States, India, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Vietnam, Colombia, Canada and South Korea.


As the Executive Director and CEO of Bamboo Architecture Mexico, Martin has overseen the construction of several notable projects for private companies and Mexican government agencies, including the Four Seasons Group, Conrad by Hilton, Hilton Group, Garza Blanca Group, and KAN Tulum, among others. His innovative and sustainable approach to architecture has made a lasting impact on the industry.  #WBW2023

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Peter Van Lengen

Bio-Architect | Mexico

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Peter Van Lengen ended his architectural formation as the movement of permaculture took Brazil by storm in 2003. It was during these exciting years that Peter discovered bio-building and sustainable living practices. For many years his main goal was planting and harvesting, designing and building with bamboo. Once he had many years of experience he began to teach others.


Through creativity workshops, Peter has trained over 1500 students in the life and art of bamboo all over the world.  #WBW2023

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