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Michel Abadie

WBO President | France


President of World Bamboo Organization

Associate Director of World Bamboo and Rattan (Chinese Academy of Forestry)


In a time where computer, smart phone and artifcial intelligence (AI) are taking the lead in the minds of a lot people, the World Bamboo Organization (WBO) is going to emphasize on the natural intelligence, in particularly the one in connection with the use of bamboo material.


For the 5th World Bamboo Workshop 2023, we have accepted the invitation of CASSA, a leading bamboo construction company in Guatemala, to organize on Lake Izabal this new encounter between « the hand and the bamboo ».


It's a way to discover the importance of the hand gesture of the artisans who can transform raw material into exceptionnal pieces of art by using simple tools combined with an intimate knowledge of the bamboo fiber capacities for adaptation and creativity.


During the workshop, at different moments, you will hear the stories of architects, designers, builders, and planters involved with bamboo for many years. They know the plant and the way to carve and sculpt their desire to reach the best results. They have been working with traditional crafts men and women, and will enable you to discover how to have the right gesture to accomplish your wish.


So If you want to fill/train your hand with natural know-how, join us to discover your skill and yearning. In Punta Brava, across Lake Izabal, you will create something, a pavilion or a chair or even a boat.


Thank you and see you soon.

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