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Phu An Bamboo Village


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The village of Phu An, located north of Saigon, was heavily bombed during the Viet Nam War. The Bamboo Village of Phu An has created an Eco-Museum of Bamboo and Botanical Conservatory with the aim of conserving biodiversity, protecting the region’s bamboo forests, andhelping to “transform the iron triangle into a green triangle.” The initiative carries out conservation activities to protect and restore Viet Nam’s bamboo, including endangered species from across the country.


More than 350 varieties of bamboo are stored in its museum and botanical conservatory.

This pioneering project has brought tangible economic rewards to the Phu An community, whose members are trained in the production of artisanal bamboo handicrafts.

A total of 3,000 families have benefitted from the Bamboo Village, and out-migration from the area to urban centres has reduced significantly.

Phu An bamboo village is home to about 1,500 bamboo bushes with more than 300 samples of bamboo of 17 varieties, accounting for nearly 90% of bamboo varieties in Vietnam, including many rare varieties such as Phyllostachys, Bambusa, Teinostachyum, and maize. , yellow striped, ivory bamboo, ...

The bamboo conservation area and the study area are two main points in the Phu An bamboo village ecotourism area.

• Bamboo Conservation Area: This is the main area of ​​the bamboo village with an area of ​​up to 200 acres dedicated to planting and preserving the unique bamboo varieties of our country. Besides, you can also take advantage to learn how to grow bamboo and buy products made from these rustic plants such as baby baskets, fans, hats ...

• Research area: This is a dedicated area for students and researchers to learn in-depth information about bamboo from how it is grown and propagated. Coming to the research area, you will see with your own eyes the interesting products made from bamboo as well as learn about this plant through pictures and documentaries.

Bamboo village brings the country and real great thing about Vietnamese villages. Coming right here, guests might be immersed in nature due to the ethereal, contemporary and funky environment and the stunning and wonderful chirping of birds. You will really feel like going again in time, collectively returning to previous childhood reminiscences, when sitting on rafts made from bamboo, gently drifting alongside the cool blue water…

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