Workshop Venue




Located in the complex of eco-cultural tourism area, Thanh Tam Bamboo Ecopark with an area of nearly 160ha is “A GREEN PEARL” in Lam Son historical land, Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. 

With the bamboo preservation garden, outdoor and indoor bamboo museums, eco-school, spiritual area, floating island of Bai Doan with its exotic bamboo buildings, resorts, organic farming area, recreation area, adventure park, gastronomy area and convention center...Thanh Tam Bamboo Ecopark will not only be a place for visitors to relax and enjoy nature but also a place to HONOR BAMBOO in Vietnam and to raise awareness of the community to the value of bamboo.

Thanh Tam Bamboo Ecopark will also be an ideal place for bamboo lovers, researchers, scientists from Vietnam and from all over the world to come, study and research on bamboo and sustainable development.