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Join us in Guatemala.

Punta Brava, Izabal | October 26-29, 2023

Building a climate-resilient future with bamboo.

Join us to build knowledge and skills and leave a lasting and uplifting mark on the minds and hearts of the people of Punta Brava. Let's come together and demonstrate that bamboo can change the world.


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The coastal Caribbean community of Punta Brava on the shores of Lake Izabal, Guatemala has been chosen to host the 5 th World Bamboo Workshop from 26-29 October this year. This village is a living example of how bamboo can help develop and sustain climate-resilient communities.

The World Bamboo Organization, a United States NGO, has teamed up with the Guatemalan-based construction firm CASSA, led by Tono Aguilar. CASSA has been working with Punta Brava since 2017, designing and building the village’s first ever high school, as well as beautiful climate-resilient bamboo houses with the help of its residents. Our combined efforts will teach the community how to grow and utilize bamboo to kickstart a local bamboo economy.

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Architecture & Construction

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Furniture and houseware design

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Edible shoots and extracts for beverages

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Propagation and harvesting


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Let's come together and demonstrate that bamboo can change the world.

The World Bamboo Workshop Guatemala 2023 aims to showcase bamboo as a key tool in achieving the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and creating a better future.

Why Attend World Bamboo Workshop?

The World Bamboo Workshop is a unique event, international in nature, with speakers and trainers from all over the world, specialized in bamboo in the sector of forestry, architecture construction, horticulture, nutrition, preservation, art, handicrafts and much more.

The goal of this workshop is for all the attendees to learn about bamboo and it benefits as an eco-friendly, highly renewable resource, and to enjoy the collaborative nature of working together. 


  • +200 People from all over the world

  • Lectures, hands-on training, exhibitions, and cultural shows

  • Learn with craftsmen to do wonderful things with Bamboo

  • Seminars by renown experts

  • Witness firsthand how bamboo is helping Punta Brava

  • Share and lean from Punta Brava's people

  • Take one of the incredible tours to discover Izabal


Quality Time with Experts 


You will be 4 Days with Experts from all over the world sharing their expertise with the participants through lectures and hands-on training.

Who Should Attend?

The World Bamboo Workshop is an open event to all people around the world wanting to learn and work with bamboo. There are no requirements to attend the event, it is open to all who fulfill the registration process and commit to the event's code of conduct.


This workshop is a networking event where people working in bamboo meet each other.

Community development

Participate in the development of Punta Brava, and contribute to building a climate-resilient future with bamboo.

Explore Guatemala's heritage

Witness Central America's potential for developmental, environmental, and climate-related opportunities with bamboo.

Build knowledge and capacity

This is your chance to be part of a truly inspirational global event that will leave a lasting impact on your life.

Meet the Speakers


Bamboo is better because it is an ecofriendly, highly renewable resource.

This Workshop will help catapult the people of Punta Brava, and many other coastal villages, to build climate-resilient villages and societies with the help of bamboo!

+200 People

Embark on a journey of a lifetime and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind intercultural experience that brings together people from all corners of the globe

Be part of our  World bamboo family!