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Rules and regulations


  1. All participants must follow the safety instructions provided by the facilitators and workshop staff.

  2. Proper use of tools and materials is essential to prevent injuries. Participants should pay attention and use personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary.

  3. Participants must immediately report any incidents or accidents to the workshop staff.


Respect and Coexistence:

  1. All participants are expected to treat each other with respect, courtesy, and mutual consideration at all times.

  2. Discriminatory, offensive, or violent comments, attitudes, or behaviors towards other participants, facilitators, or members of the Punta Brava community will not be tolerated.

  3. Cultural diversity and individual differences should be valued and respected at all times.

  4. Collaboration, teamwork, and mutual support among participants are encouraged.


Punta Brava Community:

  1. Participants should interact with members of the Punta Brava community in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner.

  2. The community's property should not be damaged, and participants should not interfere with their daily activities.

  3. Participants are encouraged to learn from and share knowledge with the community members in a collaborative manner.


Prohibited Substances:

  1. The consumption or possession of illegal drugs during the workshop is not allowed.

  2. Alcohol consumption during workshop working hours is not permitted. If participants wish to consume alcoholic beverages after workshop activities, it should be done moderately and responsibly.


  1. Participants must respect the confidentiality of information and personal data shared by other participants and members of the Punta Brava community.

Photographs and Recordings:

  1. Photographs and recordings taken during the workshop may only be used for promotional and educational purposes related to the project, with the prior authorization of the involved participants.



  1. Participants are expected to be on time for all workshop sessions.

  2. Punctuality shows respect towards the facilitators, other participants, and the established schedule.


Care for the Environment:

  1. Participants should care for and respect the natural environment and facilities where the workshop takes place.

  2. Responsible use of resources and minimizing environmental impact, such as avoiding waste of materials and energy, is important.


Effective Communication:

  1. Participants are encouraged to communicate clearly, respectfully, and constructively with each other and with the facilitators.

  2. Any concerns, questions, or suggestions should be raised in a timely manner and in an environment of openness and active listening.


Active Participation:

  1. Participants are expected to be engaged and actively participate in all workshop activities and discussions.

  2. Collaboration and the exchange of ideas are essential to maximize learning and workshop outcomes.


Preservation of Cultural Confidentiality:

  1. Participants must respect and maintain the confidentiality of traditional and cultural knowledge shared by the Punta Brava community during the workshop.

Compliance with Local and Legal Regulations:

  1. Participants must comply with all local laws and regulations during their stay in the Punta Brava community and in Guatemala in general.


Flexibility and Adaptability:

  1. Participants should be willing to adapt to changes and necessary adjustments in the workshop schedule or activities as determined by the facilitators.



  1. Verbal Warning: In the case of a minor violation or misconduct, a verbal warning may be given to remind the participant of the established rules and norms.


  1. Temporary Suspension: If the non-compliance persists or involves a more serious violation, a temporary suspension of the participant may be applied, which would prohibit them from participating in workshop activities for a specific period.


  1. Permanent Expulsion: In cases of serious or repeated violations, the decision may be made to permanently expel the participant from the workshop, resulting in immediate termination of their participation without a refund.


  1. Legal Liability: If illegal actions are carried out, appropriate legal action may be taken in accordance with the laws and regulations in Guatemala.

Terms and Conditions

Registration and Ticket Purchase:

a. Registration and ticket purchase for the World Bamboo Workshop Guatemala 2023 are done through the official website (

b. By completing the registration process and making the corresponding payment, the participant secures their place in the workshop.



a. Once the ticket is purchased, cancellations will not be accepted, and no refunds will be provided, except in exceptional cases and at the discretion of the event organizers.

b. In case of requesting an exceptional cancellation, a written request must be sent to the email address


Program Changes:

a. The organizers of the World Bamboo Workshop Guatemala 2023 reserve the right to make changes to the program, including schedules, activities, and speakers, in case of unforeseen circumstances or event requirements.

b. Participants will be informed about any program changes through the official website or by email.


Participant's Responsibility:

a. Participants are responsible for their own safety and well-being during the event. They must follow the instructions provided by the facilitators and workshop staff.

b. Participants must adhere to the rules and regulations established by the organizers, including those related to safety, mutual respect, and coexistence.


Intellectual Property:

a. All content and materials presented during the World Bamboo Workshop Guatemala 2023 are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights.

b. Participants are not allowed to record, reproduce, or distribute in any way the presented content without prior written authorization from the event organizers.



a. The organizers of the World Bamboo Workshop Guatemala 2023 are not liable for any injuries, losses, or damages to property that may occur during the event.

b. Participants attend the workshop at their own risk and must take necessary precautions to ensure their well-being and personal protection.


By completing the registration and payment process, participants acknowledge and agree to comply with all the above-mentioned terms and conditions for the World Bamboo Workshop Guatemala 2023.

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